Saturday, March 29, 2008

Swinging Bachelors No More

When I met these two guys (the taller ones) they were living together in a bachelor pad, and throwing loud crazy parties, drinking a lot of beer, playing in a band (well one was), picking up lots of girls (well the other one was), and generally taking part in all kinds of shenanigans. And now look at them! Mature, responsible fathers! Or something like that anyway. So here they are, passing the torch to the next generation. Benjamin, meet Cooper. Cooper, Benjamin.

Keep your dads on their toes!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Uh Oh

There is a really funny blog that I read sometimes by a hilarious and sarcastic writer named Crabmom. She is crabby and funny and entertaining. You can find a link to her over there on the left. And then today, she had this post about writing on the internet, which gives me pause:

"Every foul word, expletive, personal revelation, indiscretion, is there in perpetuity. I think about this quite a lot, peeps. As do all the bloggers I love. For some, the degree of privacy is far less stringent or Victorian than mine. Many mom-bloggers use their kids' names, photos, and record intimate details of life as mother and wife. I'm not saying you can't do this successfully or legitimately and decently, but I choose not to. I also choose not to write about my kid's bowel movements (poop! ha ha! How FUNNY!) or say things that might, later, cause her shame and anger. I realize that no matter what I write she will probably be embarrassed and annoyed by her mother's musings down the road...but I certainly do my best to respect the privacy of someone who has no say in what her mother chooses to record about her online."
Yikes. I really hadn't considered this. Do you think this counts for the non-professional writer too? I believe I am able to delete this from the internet forever, at any moment. Also, its not like his address is here, so people aren't going to be tracking him down. Will he grow up scarred and bitter and embarrassed by this? Do I even have to tell him at all? Should I make the whole thing password protected and only let the people who will love him anyway see it? Its a moral dilemma people.
Also, I am uber lazy, so I have stolen today's photo. Thanks sissypants! Love the stealth camo baby.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

College Fund

We started the grand old college fund yesterday. There are all these scary websites out there, that calculate how much money you need to save starting today, in order to pay for college in 18 years. Its unbelievable. I mean, its not as much as the nanny, but still. It turns out Jammy's piggy bank is likely not going to be enough. But I am feeling pretty accomplished for having done anything about it at all. Its pretty amazing to think that this little guy, who is years from putting his own socks on, will be in physics and economics someday. Or art history and literature, you know, whatever. As a back up plan, he is enrolled in daily guitar lessons, and we have high hopes that he will be supporting us as a rock star before he ever gets to college.
Two other big things yesterday: 1. I ran Greenlake IN THE SLUSHY SNOW, and 2. I got into the Thursday night Yoga Mamma class! I am very excited about this, as the class had been full and I was on a waiting list.
As you all know, since I am totally fixated, it is my 30th birthday on Sunday. I have big plans to go out to a nice dinner with my husband, having eschewed all party plans. Any great restaurant suggestions? I am stumped at the moment.
PS Check the Aunt Cookie link for a hilarious Benjamin Bunny photo today. Hee hee.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Snuggle Monkey

Look at my sweet sleeping boy, in his little truck pajamas! (Thanks Henry, for passing those along!) Don't you just want to curl up and take a nap with him? He is the most nap inspiring guy I have ever met. And he is like a heater, I swear. You never ever need a blanket when you nap with heater boy. Maybe that could be his super hero alter ego. Cold and tired? Dun - duh - duh - dun (think inspiring super hero theme song here) heater boy to the rescue, to provide warmth and sleepyness in an instant!

On a total subject switch, I can see by my handy dandy traffic counter that there are lots of you out there checking the blog who never ever leave a comment. We love to get comments around here! Comments are so fun to read! And you get the added bonus of having your thoughts included in Jammy's baby book, as the blog is destined to become. So don't be shy, please comment freely and often. And a shout out to all my regular commenters - you know who you are - yay! You Rock! Thanks for all your plentiful comments!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Fuzzy hat baby

A few days ago we went on a coffee walk with Maija, and Benjamin's usual rainbow striped hat was awol, in Issaquah. We tried out this one, which was a gift from one of Loren's coworkers. I think it is hilarious, like he is a tiny, slightly girly, hunter, a la Elmer Fudd. He is manly enough to pull it off though. And isn't he so yummy and snuggly that you just want to eat him right up?

Monday, March 24, 2008

A boy and his dog

Nothing new to report really, except that look how funny Maisy and the boy are. What a nice dog. What a nice baby, for that matter. I really thought Maisy would be more interested or protective of Benjamin, but so far she hasn't been that impressed by him. She will occasionally lick him as she walks by, and she has slept on the floor in his room a couple of nights, but thats about it. I was anticipating that she would regard him as her baby, and let us know if he was fussy, and pick up his socks and bring them to him, but so far that has been a no-go. I think the dynamic will definitely change when he gets to sticky peanut butter fingers and sandwich dropping stage. I'm hoping that they become best friends then. I have visions of Benjamin someday trying to pull himself up to standing by her ears, or attempting to harness and ride her, and throwing the ball and playing tug of war with her. So far Maisy is very tolerant of Benjamin though, and will act like a pillow for him, and isn't phased at all by his crying. Its nice of her really, because she is getting totally neglected since Benbino came along. I have been telling people that everyone shifted down a spot in the pack. Maisy has cat status - tolerated, petted when she gets right in your face and demands it, and fed and watered regularly. Bailey has moved down to something like a house plant - we totally ignore him except to check and see if he needs food or water occasionally. The house plants have moved down a notch too, and they are all dying of dehydration.

Sunday, March 23, 2008


Today was Jammy's first Easter, and much fun was had by all. Benjamin was very dapper in khakis, a plaid dress shirt, and a white sweater vest. I wanted him to have a wooden tennis racket too, or maybe play some croquet. It was that kind of outfit. We had brunch at Matt and Cathy's, complete with blueberry cream cheese french toast casserole (um, can you say tasty?) and the afternoon at Pat and Lee's with a plethora of family, even more pastel candy, and a chocolate birthday cake (30 is looming, in just 7 days. Yikes!) Sadly there is no traditional bunny ears photo of the young laddy's first Easter. Someone (not naming any names, but it rhymes with "plant wookie"), forgot them at home. However, its not like there aren't 7,000 other pictures of him, so I'm sure he will survive. We did get several other nice family photos, of all the grandparents, and Great Grandma Louise.
It finally stopped raining and the sun came out, so to round out the afternoon, Maisy and I ran Greenlake (poor neglected dogger so needs the exercise), which actually went really well. And, in a supreme fitness triumph, I managed one

complete sit up! I know that seems super lame and wimpy, but it turns out that 9 months of no stomach muscles at all takes a terrible toll on your abs. Who knew? All I have been able to manage thus far have been crunches. Anyway, it felt like a major accomplishment to me, as did the running. There may be some hope for Bloomsday after all.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Zoo

A Big day for little Jammy yesterday! He went on what I believe to be his first zoo excursion. (The little Fernies claim it was his second. Must verify with Grandma.) So, Grandpa Jon, Aunt Cookie and the big cousins all had a grand old time. Benjamin apparently slept through most everything but the penguins.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Sad Zags

Well, all you basketball fans will be sad to hear that Gonzaga got knocked out in the first round of the tournament today. This did not prevent their smallest grabby fan from enjoying the game with his dad. They like to do manly stuff like watch sports together.

Show & Tell... by guest poster Auntie Cookie (with unrelated photo)

Last week, by some small miracle, Madelyn was special person on Wednesday. She has been wanting this for awhile because she has been dying to bring Benjamin for sharing. Now, you have to keep in mind that she is one of the shyest kids in her class, beat only by the girl who is selectively mute. So it is a pretty big deal that she is actually excited for sharing and not terrified and anxious, as usual. We clear the bringing of “live” sharing with her teacher and set up a time. When Jammy and I arrive the whole class is “abuzz” (don’t know if that is really a word but it really describes what was going on)….you could hear lots of “Is that Madelyn’s sharing?” in hushed and shocked tones. Finally the whole class is settled on the carpet, Benjamin and I are seated in the place of honor, and Madelyn is standing next to us WITH A MICROPHONE….I, myself, can’t actually believe that my child will be speaking into a microphone, and am giddy with anticipation to see how it goes. She says, “This is my cousin, Benjamin. He is 4 months old. Any questions?” Pretty much everyone’s hands go up. She calls on the selectively mute child, who has apparently started speaking some now, and she whispers, “He is so cute.” From here on out that is pretty much all we hear, with some variation. I believe the word adorable was used as well. The teacher is standing off to the side saying, “Does anyone have any QUESTIONS? Think who, what, where, when, why and how.” But nobody is falling for that, and they continue with the “he is so adorable” business. To add a little excitement to the whole adventure, Benjamin decides to spit up for everyone, just to prove how talented he is. Now you can just imagine the thrill this gave all the little cherubs….especially the first grade boys, who live for anything slightly gross. The talk immediately turned to all kinds of bodily functions, though mostly poop, which their teacher tried to kill off immediately, without much success. We did finally get some questions, though, “Where did you get him? Do you like to play with him? Do you like to tickle him and make him laugh?” The last one got the best response from Miss Madelyn, as that is exactly her favorite thing in the whole world to do, so much so that sometimes he gets a little reddish around the neckline from her vigorous work. It is decided that she should give a demonstration. She starts her regular tickle routine and immediately gets quite the giggle out of the little man. The whole class rises, en masse, to get a better look and creates a sort of mosh pit feeling around Benjamin, lots of pushing and shoving and jostling…I’m a little surprised no one was trampled actually. He looks up at 21 curious faces totally invading his personal space and gets a little freaked out….effectively ending sharing for the day. As the bell rings and everyone heads out the door, they all stop by to touch his foot (or pet him) and say good-bye. It is the talk of everyone’s dinner tables that night, as I hear about it from all the moms the next morning. Benjamin is famous in the first grade….now we’ll just have to see if Annie will share him in preschool!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

What am I doing?

What a long and crappy day at work today. My head hurts and I am so ready for bed. At 6:05 pm. Definitely one of the days that makes me wonder what I am doing here, and why I am not at home with my little snuggle monkey walking around greenlake and singing I'm a little teapot all day. Hmpf.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Glamping - who's with me?

Please pardon the diversion from regular topic. This has nothing to do with Benjamin at all, so you might want to skip it. Has anyone else heard of glamping? I just learned about it yesterday from my coworker Lynn, and I am all excited about it. I have in the past said that I wanted to plan a girls camping trip, but I have never actually gotten my act together to do it. So anyway, I am now planning a girls glamping trip, and I am scheduling it in summer 2009, so those of you who are currently pregnant have no excuse for not going. What is glamping, you ask? It is glamorous camping! It is in fact not that glamorous, but involves teepees, and breakfast at the related bed and breakfast. Also, in this case it is in Yakima, and involves wine tasting at the nearby wineries, which one can do via horseback! Isn't that fun? I'm not sure if riding a horse after drinking a lot of wine is really that much smarter than driving after a bunch of wine, but it sounds fun. And I feel sure that a few glasses of wine would give me just the confidence required to return to my horseback riding career after a 19 year hiatus. I think in my trip it may also involve a t-shirt a la girls gone running, but with something clever about wine and camping and horses etc etc. So, all of my lovely blog reading girlfriends are invited, and so are the non blog reading ones, although they probably won't get invited quite so early. Lynn's glamping trip is in May, so I will give a second report on how it goes when she gets back. Her trip is all tri-delts, so ours will be infinitely cooler.

Mr. Grabby Pants

I got to the Fernie's house to pick up Mr. Ben-hameen on Friday, and discovered he was doing all kinds of impressive new tricks. Well. One impressive new trick. He has figured out his hands! Now if you hold an enticing toy in front of him, he will actually reach out and grab on to it. Gone are the days when his hands would wave around past his face, and he would look at them like, what the hell was that (read with paranoia in voice), or maybe a little like he was at a lazer show, more like, duuuuude, what the hell was that..... (read like you are Slater from Dazed and confused.) Ok, those sound very different to me, but its all about the vocal inflection. Call me and I will read it aloud to you and it will make more sense. Either way, now he has an idea that his hands are attached, and that he can make them do some things. He is not a professional grabber yet, but he does have a very tight grip, nearly impossible to uncoil from your hair, or necklace, once he has latched on.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Triple Threat Diaper Change

Please note - if you are not now, or have not recently been, the parent of an infant, you should skip this entry. Not only will you find it boring and disgusting, but your opinion of me will drop considerably because of the subject matter which I will now embark upon. Trust me, if you ever have a baby in the future, and you still want to read it, I will email it to you, and you will appreciate it then.

Ok, so hopefully if you are still with me, you are part of a parents only audience. Whoever would have thought that I would be the kind of person that would publicly (well semi-publicly) write about poop? But here I am, about to do it. We had a doozy of an exciting diaper change this afternoon, like we haven't had since the boy was just brand new. First of all, he was very upset and making all kinds of red angry faces. This is never a good sign. So I changed him once, and there was just a tiny bit of poop. Followed by about five more minutes of red angry faces. And an impressive poop explosion of a diaper. So, I am trying to mop him up, which takes 4 cloth diapers, 2 diaper wipes, a clean changing pad, and even to wipe down part of the changing table. It was not a pretty picture. As I am mid wipedown, he starts peeing straight up into the air, with impressive arc, which gets not only all over his outfit, but his face too. I'm telling you, the kid has got range. Another cloth diaper later, his poor little face is cleaned up. I should mention here that at this point, he is happy as a clam, babbling away in little baby Swahili, kicking his feet and smiling at me. Ok, clean up done, and I get a fresh new diaper on him. At which point he spits up on his arm. Oh for Chrissakes, is there any bodily fluid or substance that he is not activley expelling all over the place? I suppose I should be grateful that he wasn't runny-nosed and bleeding.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Guess who is a total moron?

I admit the title/photo is misleading here, but I didn't have another picture available. In case you were wondering I am the total moron. I am suffering from a severe case of "milk brain" which causes normally intelligent women to become bumbling, nonsense spouting, idiots when breastfeeding. I was at work today, in the little phone room, all set to breast pump. So I turn the pump on, and it starts making its litte whoosh-whoosh sound. And then I look down at my legs and wonder to myself, now why on earth would there be breastmilk squirting onto my jeans? Its because some total GENIUS forgot to attach the bottles to the pumping thingy, and so I was just pumping away, into thin air. Definitely not one of my smarter moments. I had a couple of similar incidents during pregnancy, one of which involved accidentally wearing black and pink teva flip flops to work, and the other calling my sister's cell phone number on a work conference call, on speaker phone. In a conference room full of coworkers. Ah, yes, the sheer joys of complete hormonal imbalance. Milk brain is also manifesting itself in my total lack of word recall. I just stutter and stammer, unable to come up with the right word, and inevitabley say the totally wrong thing. I had a conversation with a coworker yesterday, where I kept asking him if he had borrowed the disposable camera. He had no idea what the heck I was talking about, until he finally translated it into the digital camera. Its a good thing people around here have a sense of humor, and are pretty tolerant of my.... I have no idea what word I am looking for. Its not craziness, although that might apply, and its not inconsistency, although that sort of works too. Absentmindedness? Thickheadedness? Scatterbrain-edness? Well, a prize to the first person to come up with the right word.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Rugby baby

Well nothing new to report today really, but I thought I would put up a photo of Benbino anyway, since I know thats what my loyal reader is all about anyway. Thanks to Josie and Taletha for providing the uber cute rugby baby outfit, and ensuring that the little guy isn't running around naked. While he is awfully cute naked, its a cold rainy March out there for a tiny nudist.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Well, today was the little man's 4 month check up. The vital stats: 14 pounds (50th percentile), 25.5 inches (75th percentile), 42.5 cm head circumfrence (50th percentile), cuteness - exceptional (this is a professional medical opinion). Benito was on his very best behavior and doing everything he could to charm the pants off Dr. Brown. Metaphorically speaking. Which made it all the more sadistic to poke him in the leg 4 times. But we'll get to that, first the good stuff. He was so happy and chatty and fun, the doctor was totally enamored with him. She asked how we were doing with tummy time, could he hold his head up, and I said yeah, pretty well. She wanted the demo, so I put him on his tummy on the doctor table thing, and he immediately rolled over. I mean, split second. I have never seen him do it so fast. And we were all (my mom was there, as chauffeur/nanny/governess) kind of surprised and laughed, so the doctor picked him up and put him back on his tummy. Same thing. He wasn't on his tummy a nano second before he turned back over. He was totally showing off for her. She was appropriately impressed and made all kinds of nice noises about being super athletic, and how we would probably get to spend his college fund visiting him in Rome on his year abroad, because he would most likely get a full ride. She commented several times about how cute his little voice is, and what great sounds he is making. Lets see, what else... We are allowed to try to skip the middle of the night feeding, and see if he will go back to sleep when he wakes up in the night. Its only 2 months away from solid food - rice cereal here we come! Teeth are apparently just around the corner as well. It all seems to be going alarmingly fast. She felt my weird eye bump and said it was on my eyelid, most likely a clogged duct. I was sure it was eye cancer and would require immediate eye removal surgery, so that was a relief. So that was all well and good, and she said make an appointment to come back in 2 months, which I am just now realizing I didn't do, and waltzed out of there, all happy like, before the carnage began. Then Leilani the nurse comes in, and I feel like the Darth Vader theme song should always accompany her entrance. (She is actually very nice.) I explained very patiently to the boy that we don't want him to get Polio or Diptheria or Pertussis, they are all very nasty diseases, and that I have no idea what Pneumococcal disease or Haemophilus influenza type B is, but that I'm pretty sure he didn't want to get those either. He just drooled at me and let me know he was getting hungry, so it seems like he didn't listen at all. Most likely this is just the beginning of many years of being ignored that I have in store. Anyway, she lines up the 4 shots, and 4 bandaids, and he still had no idea what was coming. I let him chew on my finger, but the second that first needle went into his chubby little thigh, he started wailing. Its not so much the noise that bothers me, but those little tiny baby tears are just a killer. Tragically sad. As soon as she was done I tried to feed him, and he was trying to cry and eat simultaneously, which was so pitiful. Fortunately he did calm down pretty quickly and ate some and then zonked out. The rest of the day was apparently quite sleepy, and he has been asleep since I got home at 6:30 until almost 10, waking up only briefly to eat a couple of times, which I'm pretty sure he did mostly in his sleep. So its been kind of a big traumatic day for the little guy. On the bright side, it turns out there is a government fund to help pay for care if he has a serious vaccine reaction. I found that to be super comforting information. Sheesh.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The many faces of Benjamin - Part 1

I think I am starting a new photo series documenting this kids billion and one facial expressions. It is so funny how fast he goes from worried eye brows to laughing to crying. Quite the emotional range already. It makes him a very fun subject to photograph, and of course is as endearing as can be. Here he is showing off his fancy new red pajamas (thanks Josie and Taletha!). He is torn because he is in his favorite spot (the changing table) and dad is doing all kinds of entertaining stuff, but its also bedtime, and he is a tired little bear cub, so he is a little fussy, and fighting off that pesky old sleep. The resulting faces are pretty darn cute. One day I will learn to be a better formatter, and these pictures will be organized in a nice neat row. Until then, they are a little collage-esque.

Blog Excitement!

I am all tech savy and exciting today.... I have added a counter to the blog! So now I can keep track of the fact that I view my own blog 7,000 times a day, and 3 other people look at it occasionally. Ok, maybe 4. Anyway, for those 4 of you, if you felt compelled to pass along the blog to someone else in your address book who might enjoy photos of my handsome young laddy, it would not necessarily be discouraged. I'm pretty sure I'm going to obsessive compulsively check the counter all the time now. Its way down there at the bottom for a reason.

I promise that tomorrow there will be excellent new photos and a scintillating report on the 4 month shots, since clearly, no one wants to read about how I am fixated on my counter.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Happy Birthday BAM!

The boy is 4 months old today! Its very exciting. We had a long talk this morning about how he has to stop getting so big so quickly. His little feet stick out of the end of the little car seat now. He is practically voting he is so big. We also reminisced some about when we first met. He thought the whole thing was a little traumatic, and I remember it through my rosy colored amnesia glasses as one big lovely miracle. We have put off the 4 month shots until Wednesday, because really, who wants to get shots on their birthday? Also, starting the countdown to my looming birthday. Less than 3 weeks of my twenties left. Sigh.
Also, thanks to our blog photo sponsor for stepping in with lovely BAM photos when I am too lazy to have new pictures to share. Lucky baby to have such a talented auntie. He may be the most photographed child ever.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Bad Blog Mom!

Well, if I am not the laziest blogger ever, I don't know who is... (Yes I do, its Miss Doxie, who we haven't heard from since 12/4. grrr.) But I did go all week with nary a post, which is sad. Soooo, let me think here, and try to do a quick recap of the week.

1. Peps on Monday night. The highlight here was definitely Luca. Benjamin and Luca were engaged in a staring contest for much of the night. They were fascinated with each other. It was very funny. I haven't seem him notice another baby quite like that before. Highly entertaining. Also, girl scout cookies and wine were my dinner that night, so that was good too.

2. I don't think I mentioned at all that Hillary was in town last weekend. Obviously it was much fun. She was here for a convention, so she didn't stay with us, but I got to meet up with her for brunch on Sunday morning. Eggs Benedict at Maxmillian's at the market - yum! I also got to play a little bit of tour guide for Jen and her mom Pam who had never been to Seattle which was cool too. In some supremely poor planning, I tried to shop all day, only going home once to feed the boy. I was in the Gap downtown with Hillary and Maija, boobs killing me, t-shirt soaked trying to decide what to do. I ended up coming home a little earlier than planned. Sigh. But it was great to have some girl time and help the two preggos look for maternity wear.

3. Big week at work with Matt trying to buy the Sonics. He was all over the news, and I have been overhearing lots of conversations with important people. I am really hoping he can pull it off. The Oklahoma City Super Sonics is too depressing to contemplate.

4. Went to REAP on Friday night. This is the second time I have gone since the boy's arrival. I have to say the first time was more fun. After the snacks and the wine, when we actually got around to talking about stocks, I was struggling to stay awake. Yawn. Not that it was boring, I was just a tired girl.

5. Had lunch with Felicity on Friday afternoon. She is coming back to work at Pine Street in a month! Yay! I am so excited to have her back. It will be much fun around the office. She also gave me a manicure gift cert, and a hilarious card with an angry baby on the front.

6. Saturday morning Benjamin rolled over from his back to his front. Sort of. In a cheating kind of way. Loren woke up and brought him in to bed with us when he wanted to eat first thing in the morning. So he was laying between us on his back, and he rolled over to his front, toward Loren. The thing is, with our old and crappy mattress, Loren creates a good downhill slope in his direction, so gravity actually did most of the work. He is very close though, and any day should do it on his own.

7. Went for a run with Auntie Cookie Saturday morning. Well, more of a walk with intermittent runinng interspersed throughout. It was harder than I thought, in more ways than I expected. First off, I ended up wearing two sports bras, as I have not had time to purchase a more heavy duty variety one, since the arrival of my new ginormous chest. Well that worked out ok, except that it was so tight around my rib cage that it was hard to breathe. My knee also started to hurt pretty badly about halfway around the lake. Apparently hefting around a bunch of extra weight for 9 or so months may not have been the greatest on my joints. And then of course there was the general out of shapeishness. Also I felt like I might wet my pants at any moment, but fortunately my bladder control reigns supreme. And Judith was a really good sport and let me walk all I wanted, and we went out for breakfast afterwards. We have many grand half marathon plans for this summer, so I have to get my act together.

8. Scott and Josie came over for dinner on Saturday night with a suitcase full of clothes for Benjamin. He is going to be one well dressed little guy. His dresser is literally breaking with the weight of all this new loot. Expect many new fashion platey photos coming up.

9. Today Loren worked on reseeding the grass and doing general yardwork, and Benjamin and I worked on a lot of nice long napping. It was excellent. And then Grandma Pat and Grandpa Lee had us over for dinner, which was good too.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Baby Fountain

So last night was baby bath night at chez Benjamin. He is much better at the bath these days. His very first few baths he was not a fan. Not at all. Not even a fair weather fan, like he might go to the game if you gave him free tickets and it was sunny out. He felt about baths a little bit like I feel about football games outside in December, on the hard skinny bleachers, in cold rain, when they are out of hot cocoa, and the only thing to eat is cold hot dogs. Anyway, that was way back when he was just a little guy. Now that he is all grown up he takes the bath like a man. Well, sort of. A small, toothless, slippery, naked man. That is to say, he is tolerant of the bath now, although a little confused about what is going on. Anyway, he was in his little tubby, hair (well, scalp really) all soapy, when he started peeing. Straight up in the air, like a little fountain. That pretty much signaled the end of the bath, as far as I was concerned.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

What a big guy!

It was the great closet cleanout this weekend. All the 0-3 month and newborn sizes went into the bin in the basement, and the 3-6 month stuff came out. It was awfully sad to put away my favorite little outfits, but it was fun to get out the new cute stuff. He wore a dinosaur t-shirt and yellow pants and little tiny tennis shoes, and he looked like such a big grown up guy!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Jump Around!

Big news at Casa de Benbino… Little man has graduated to the Johnny Jump up! Now, he is not yet springing joyfully up and down, chubby legs willfully propelling every bounce, but he isn’t just flopping over and crying in the jump up either. He sat in it with just a little help from a blanket tucked in behind him, and he giggled when I helped him bounce. He can make the jump up spin around, although I don’t think he does it on purpose yet.