Saturday, October 31, 2009

Bouncy Seat

Maija and Colin returned some of the baby stuff they had borrowed from us this week. Apparently Benjamin had been watching Eamon in the

bouncy seat, because as soon as he saw it in the entry way, he got all excited and climbed right in. I think this is the most he has ever enjoyed it. Funny guy.

Friday, October 30, 2009


Benjamin is obsessed with bikes right now. He says "biker" as a noun. I have totally screwed up his grasp on language by calling Maisy "dogger". He now thinks you can ad "er" to the end of any word you want. So anyway. He loves bikers. We got a bike seat for the back of Loren's bike, and he was beside himself with joy. I think he thinks he is actually riding the bike. It was a big hit.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Little Reader

Benjamin has done a few things lately that are so cute that I have to come out of my blog coma and post. The first is that he has been reading us stories. First one was Good Night Moon (aka "Moon"), which we read to him every night ("Moon. Fire. Mitt.") Then last night he read me Go Dog Go ("Dog. Little. Car. Climber."). He also has very funny titles for his favorite books. Jamberry is "Boat". Where the Wild Things Are is "Max". The Best Mouse Cookie is "Mouse". Why a Donkey was Chosen is "Camel". Mama Do you Love Me is "Dear". When Mama Comes Home Tonight is "Baby". The Little Red Hen Makes a Pizza is "Hen". Curious George Rides a Bike is "George" or sometimes "Biker." Everyone Poops is "Poop!" (read with great enthusiasm). There are others, but those are a few of my favorites. Last night I was putting him to bed, and he tried a new tactic for tricking me into staying, which totally worked. First he said "Mama sing!", which was completely a surprise, because he will never let me sing to him. Then he said "Mama rock!", also surprising, because he does not usually like to sit in the rocking chair. So I got to snuggle and sing to him in the rocking chair, and he got to stay up extra late. It was a win for everyone.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


We were hanging out in Jam's room tonight, reading stories and getting for bed, when he noticed my hair. "Pony!" he said, pointing at my head. Then, "Pony!" touching his own head. He sprinted toward the bathroom, where he knows I keep the pony tail holders. So, I humored him, with uber stylish results. He then considered giving Kitty a pony (unsuccesful), and tried out his first (to my knowledge) fake camera smile, which just looks pained to me. The whole thing was pretty funny, I thought.