Sunday, March 15, 2009

Mr. Fixit

Benito loooooves his drill. He works very hard at fixing things with it, funny guy. Loren put little floor protector things on the legs of all our new chairs, and Benjamin was very eager to help out. He also enjoyed drilling the cat door quite a bit.

Dino Jammies!

The ever fabulous Auntie Weewee (Is that even the right spelling? Thats how it always looked in my head. You'll have to let me know. For the curious - Weewee was Hillary's younger brother Charles' early attempt at Hillary. ) gave us these irresistably adorable stripey fleece dino jammies months and months ago. When we got them they looked impossibly huge, and like they belonged on a big kid, and that it would be millenia before they fit Benjamin. Well. Got them out the other day, and they are just the right size. Which is a good thing, because his other fleecey green dino jammies that I like so much are (gasp!) starting to be on the small side. These may be my favorite jammies yet though. I alwasy enjoy the stripes. We also had to get all new shoes and onesies over the past couple weeks. The little laddie is growth spurting, apparently. Anyway, I thought he was very cute and funny in his new jammies, climbing up and down his toy box. He is all about climbing these days.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Fridge Art

The other day Marnie took Benjamin to the Children's Museum, where he produced his very first fridge art. What a little artistic genius.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Ball Boy

Benjamin is becoming such the problem solver, it is very cool to watch.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Procrastination Reigns Supreme

I know, I haven't blogged in a month (more than). I also haven't started my taxes, or the 30 hours of real estate clock hours that I have to complete by the end of the month. There it is, I am a total lazy slacker. Anyway, since I have about 6 weeks of blogging to catch up on, I have decided for a brevity and photos approach going forward. The good news is I have high hopes that there will be several days of posting in a row! While I will eventually get caught up to Maui pics, I do want to post some of goofing around with Mr. No Pants before we went. We do try to read to Benjamin every night, and while he does seem to like it, he has not yet learned to sit still for a story. He does enjoy to pick books out quite a bit. And now sometimes when he is ready for bed, he walks over to his crib, and grabs onto the bars and shakes them, demanding to get into bed. Funny guy. When he gets tucked in, he gets tucked in with Kitty, Puppy, his music, and both his special blankets - the one that Aunt Cookie knit for him, and the one that was his Dad's when he was a baby. And if we are lucky, he does the smile-wiggle-sigh and goes right to sleep. What a nice baby.