Sunday, November 30, 2008

Extension Cord Baby

So when Loren was working on the bathroom with the door closed, Benjamin was milling around outside the door, trying to figure out how to get in. At one point, Loren was using something or other that plugged in, and had the extension cord going over the top of the door. Jam was fascinated. I like the first photo, where it looks like he is going to climb up the cord a la the man in black up the cliffs of insanity. Then he is very sad that he can't climb it, in despair about what else to use it for, and in the end, very happy with having discovered what the cord is good for.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

This will not be a popular post when he is 15....

Benjamin escaped from me the other night after he got out of the bath tub, and was running around wearing only his hooded towel. Well of course the towel only stayed on him for so long, but he was still going strong after it fell off. I couldn't resist taking a few photos. His little naked tush is so cute! And I love how he casually walks around drinking out of his sippy cup now, like its no big deal. Funny little show off.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Hammering BAM

Benjamin is a total tool guy already, it is very funny. He loves to play with any kind of tool and he wants to help his dad with projects so badly. In this sequence of photos, he basically tries to climb up Loren's leg to get the hammer from him. When he can't reach it, he sees his little hammer, and proceeds to hammer the paint, the toilet and basically anything else in his reach. I love the photo where he is wielding the hammer like a weapon, with the crazed look in his eye. Dangerous hammering fiend, I say. In the other photo, Loren is giving him a crowbar to play with. In what universe is it a good idea to let a 1 year old play with a crowbar??? Must be a guy thing. They both survived.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I interrupt the regularly scheduled post....

...for an update on house progress. We have started on what I like to think of as the final frontier of the upstairs of the house, Benjamin's bathroom. These are the before pictures, and the demo pictures. Note that even the before pictures actually show a big improvement from when we bought the house. The paint, light fixture, mirror, towel bars, fan, light switch, etc. etc. are all newly done. So not a true before photo, is what I am getting at. But anyway, exciting progress is being made! These pictures show demo'ing the tub surround that was built around the old clawfoot tub in the 70's. Right now the tub is getting reglazed, and after that comes tile. Yay!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Fuzzy Wuzzy

Sometimes Benjamin just looks to darn grown up for his mama to tolerate. And so what do I do at that point? I dress him in fuzzy white bear pajamas with a peter pan collar. Because nothing says you are still a baby like a fuzzy peter pan collar. You can see that the boy doth protest such treatment. If these pictures make you too sad, scroll down to the end to cheer up.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

We're number 1!

My great big giant one year old baby had his one year check up today. His doctor started the appointment by saying he was the cutest boy in the history of boys, which clearly he is, based on the photos below, and if you disagree, well, then you must not be his mother. Then later she told him he was the biggest flirt she had ever met, so based on those insightful remarks, we will keep her around for another visit. Which will happen soon, because the poor lad has regressed on the height/weight chart and needs to go for a weigh in at 15 months. He was 50th percentile for weight and 75th for height at his last visit. He is now 10th percentile for weight, at 19.7 pounds, and 25th percentile for height, at 29". Dr. Brown is not terribly concerned, because he is genetically predisposed to be on the skinny side, and he is so darn active right now, what with all the walking around, that he is bound to be skinnier than all those non mobile babies who are just sitting around eating chips and pizza all day. Where he does triumph is in the size of his great big melon, which is in the 90th percentile for head size. Way to go buddy! Congratulations on your giant brain! And, lucky you, now we will try to fatten you up with all kinds of yumminesses. During the appointment, Benjamin was fascinated with the biohazard sticker on the trash can, the flashy red light that operates the table, where it says "caution: very hot", the cords plugged into the wall, and last but not least, all medical instruments including the stethascope the doctor was wearing, the flashing light she used to look in his ears, and the blood pressure cuff, which happened to be hanging just in with his reach. Doctor told me I needed to work on child proofing. They were out of the flu shot, so Benjamin only had 2 shots today, and he has to go back for flu and MMR. He was not very happy about the 2 he got. Not happy at all. But he does get to switch from formula to big boy milk, and from the bottle to a big boy cup. Also, will be starting on baby vitamins, which I think is kinda funny, and a dental regime of tooth brushing, also funny. In the next 3 months, we are supposed to look out for words (he should have 3-5 by 15 months), and we are supposed to be checking for language comprehension. IE, if you ask where Maisy is, he should look around and point to the dog, or something like that. What I forgot to ask about was the car seat. Rumor has it that you turn it around to face the front at 1 year, but then contradicting information says no, leave it facing backward for a while longer. Anyone else with a newly 1 year old baby know the answer to this dilemma?
Tomorrow I will have to digress from the birthday posting to mention the cutest little day care/preschool in the world that I toured this morning, which will remain anonymous, as I am attempting to keep it secret, so that no one else gets on the wait list and bungles Benjamin's chances to get in.

Cake pox?

By the time Benjamin got to his fourth party on Sunday, I think he had the presents thing figured out, because he elected to open them before dinner. And we all said, sure Buddy, its your birthday! Whatever you want to do! He got very cool bath toys, flaming guitar shoes, and an electric guitar. All very good stuff. Cake and ice cream was really pretty funny. The ice cream photos are all the way down at the bottom, and it did not elicit the response I thought it would get. I think maybe the cold was too surprising? I'm not sure. We'll have to try it again soon and see if the reaction changes. The cake on the other hand, was very well received. It looked like he had come down with a case of the cake-pox. My poor sweater may never be the same. All in all, a very successful party.